The Reality of Shadow IT

Don’t be left in the dark. Explore the facts that help determine risks to your business and the actions you should take to bring IT out of the shadows.

93% of IT professionals surveyed reported that when employees use their own smartphones, tablets, or other devices to work with business information, it causes issues. 1
Adware is the number one mobile threat that is responsible for 28.8% mobile attacks. Followed by Trojan SMS that is responsible for 22%. 2
53% of respondents report there is sensitive customer information on their mobile devices. 1
93% of respondents admit that they had mobile devices connecting to corporate networks. 3
Only 19% of almost 800 respondents say their organizations actually know how much regulated data is on these devices and 16% say they know how much resides in cloud-based file sharing applications such as Dropbox, Box and others. 4
Of companies with over 5,000 employees, more than half (52%) reported that the cost of mobile security incidents last year exceeded $500,000. 3
24% of all corporate users use SaaS applications because non-approved software provides better solutions than the IT-approved equivalent. 5
Just under half of the 4,000-plus respondents to the Ponemon survey said they already transfer sensitive or confidential data to external cloud services. 1
50% of IT managers admit that half of their budget is wasted on managing Shadow IT. 6
An average of 63% of employees use mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access and use data in the workplace. 4
80% of both IT workers and business workers admit to using SaaS apps at work without IT's approval. 7
49% of respondents stated that they have corporate information on their mobile devices through business apps. 1


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